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My mobile DJ service offers a professional & personalized experience for your special event. I understand that every event is unique and work closely with my clients to ensure their musical preferences & event needs are met. My services include professional sound equipment & lighting, consultation & planning for music selection, set up/break down of equipment & MC services for announcements & coordination with other vendors.

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Special Event Pricing
(Wedding, Quinceañera, Prom, Corporate etc)

Package Highlights

Audio Equipment: Step into a world of auditory excellence with my professional audio equipment. Crafted to perfection, my industry-best speakers and subwoofer deliver a symphony of sound that will envelop your party in richness and clarity. Picture the deep, resonant basslines that stir the soul and the crisp, shimmering highs that dance through the air, creating an ambiance that's both captivating and immersive. With wireless microphones seamlessly integrated into the setup, every word spoken will carry effortlessly, ensuring that speeches, toasts, and announcements are conveyed with utmost clarity and professionalism. Prepare for a celebration where the music doesn't just play but becomes an unforgettable part of your event's tapestry, setting the perfect tone for your special occasion.

Wireless Uplights: Enhance the ambiance and allure of your event with the captivating magic of wireless uplights. These elegant lights are designed to transform any venue into a sophisticated and visually stunning space. Picture soft, ambient hues delicately washing over walls and highlighting key elements, creating a captivating backdrop that perfectly complements your party's theme and mood. From creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere to injecting bursts of vibrant energy, uplighting offers endless possibilities to customize the ambiance according to your vision. With the convenience of wireless technology, these lights can be strategically placed without the hassle of visible cords, ensuring a seamless and enchanting visual experience for you and your guests. Elevate your celebration with the transformative charm of wireless uplights, turning your venue into an unforgettable showcase of elegance and style.

MC Services: Elevate the energy and engagement of your event with my MC services, designed to keep the celebration lively and memorable. As your Master of Ceremonies, I take pride in not just making announcements but in actively engaging with the crowd, creating an immersive experience for everyone involved. From introducing special moments to guiding the flow of the event seamlessly, my MC services ensure that your guests are entertained and informed throughout the celebration. Whether it's keeping the dance floor alive or orchestrating transitions with finesse, count on me to add that extra spark that makes your event truly exceptional. Let's turn your gathering into an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, excitement, and unforgettable moments.

Song Requests by Text: Introducing a seamless and interactive way for your guests to request their favorite songs with the Text-to-Request feature, powered by Request Now. This innovative service allows attendees to simply text in their song requests, creating a personalized and dynamic music experience for your event. Rest assured, I do not receive anyone's personal phone numbers; instead, I only receive their song requests, ensuring privacy and convenience for your guests. Furthermore, leveraging the power of Spotify, I can access and play virtually any song requested, catering to a wide range of musical preferences and keeping the dance floor buzzing all night long. With Text-to-Request, your guests become an integral part of the music selection process, adding a fun and interactive element to your celebration. Let's create unforgettable moments together, one song request at a time.

In Person Venue Inspection: Gain peace of mind and streamline your event planning process with my personalized in-person venue inspection service. Picture this: I come directly to your chosen venue or home, meeting you in person to visualize the setup and discuss every detail of your upcoming celebration. This personalized approach not only saves you time but also ensures that everything runs smoothly on the event date. During the venue inspection, we'll go over the layout, discuss any specific requests or requirements, and address any potential challenges upfront, allowing us to create a tailored plan that exceeds your expectations. From understanding the acoustics of the space to mapping out the perfect lighting and audio setup, my in-person venue inspection is a crucial step in ensuring a flawless and unforgettable event experience. By collaborating closely during this inspection, we can fine-tune every aspect of your celebration, leaving no room for surprises and guaranteeing a seamless execution on the big day. Let's make your vision a reality together, starting with a personalized venue inspection that sets the stage for an extraordinary event.

Itinerary Examples: Unlock the perfect schedule for your special event with my meticulously crafted examples of previous itineraries. Whether you're planning a dream wedding, a vibrant Quinceañera, an unforgettable prom night, or a professional corporate gathering, these examples provide a comprehensive guide to help you organize every moment with ease. From the ceremony to the reception, from speeches to dances, these examples cover all essential components of your event, ensuring a seamless flow of activities and maximizing the enjoyment for you and your guests. Each example is thoughtfully designed to showcase successful past events, allowing you to draw inspiration and tailor your itinerary to your unique preferences and requirements. With clear timelines, designated activities, and helpful notes, these itinerary examples serve as valuable tools to streamline the planning process and bring your vision to life. Say goodbye to stress and uncertainty – let these examples guide you towards creating a memorable and well-coordinated event that exceeds expectations.

Music Consultation: Embark on a personalized musical journey with my music consultation service, where I delve into the special songs and customize your playlist to create the perfect ambiance for your event. Whether it's a wedding, Quinceañera, prom, corporate gathering, or any special occasion, I take the time to understand your musical preferences and tailor the playlist to reflect your unique style and vision. During the consultation, we'll discuss key moments such as entrance songs, first dances, background music, and any other special requests you may have. I'll provide expert guidance and suggestions based on your preferences, ensuring that every song played resonates with the mood and atmosphere you want to create. With my music consultation service, you can rest assured that your event's soundtrack will be curated with care and attention to detail, guaranteeing a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your guests. Let's work together to create a musical masterpiece that sets the tone for a truly unforgettable event.

Liability & SAM Insurance: Rest assured, I prioritize safety and professionalism at every event with comprehensive liability insurance and SAM (Sexual Abuse & Molestation) insurance coverage. As a licensed DJ, I take every precaution to ensure a safe and secure environment for all attendees, especially children. In fact, the state of California mandates SAM insurance when dealing with children at events, further highlighting my commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful atmosphere at all times. My liability insurance provides protection against unforeseen circumstances and accidents, giving you peace of mind throughout the planning process and on the day of the celebration. Additionally, my SAM insurance is specifically designed to address risks related to sexual abuse and molestation, underscoring my dedication to prioritizing the safety and well-being of your guests above all else. With these insurance coverages in place, you can trust that I am equipped to handle every aspect of your event responsibly and professionally. Let's work together to create an unforgettable and worry-free experience for everyone involved.

All Genre's of Music: Experience a diverse musical journey tailored to your preferences with my extensive collection covering all genres of music. Whether you're into pop, rock, hip-hop, country, latin, electronic, or anything in between, I've got you covered. With edited and unedited versions available, you can customize the music to suit the atmosphere and audience of your event perfectly. From clean edits suitable for family-friendly gatherings to unedited tracks for those looking to dance the night away, I ensure that every song played enhances the mood and energy of your celebration. With my ability to seamlessly transition between genres and curate playlists that resonate with your guests, your event is guaranteed to be a hit. Let's create a musical experience that leaves everyone talking long after the last song fades away.

Setup & Takedown: Setup and takedown are seamlessly included in your package, ensuring a stress-free experience from start to finish. What's more, these essential services are not counted towards your booked hours, meaning you are only charged for the time I spend entertaining your guests. As part of the package, I handle all setup details before your event, from arranging equipment to fine-tuning sound and lighting, ensuring everything is perfect before your guests arrive. With setup and takedown seamlessly integrated into your package, you can focus on enjoying your event without any worries or extra charges. Let's make every moment count, from the initial setup to the final farewell, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Party Light Show: Illuminate your celebration to new heights with my stunning party light show, a mesmerizing spectacle that syncs seamlessly to the rhythm of the music. Featuring a dynamic array of lighting effects, including LED Derbies, LED Pars, lasers, strobe lights, and moving heads, your event will be transformed into a dazzling display of color and energy. The LED Derbies create vibrant patterns and swirling effects, while the LED Pars wash the space in a spectrum of colors, setting the perfect mood for each moment. Lasers add a touch of excitement and sophistication, drawing attention with their mesmerizing beams. The strobe lights bring pulsating bursts of light, adding an electrifying atmosphere to the dance floor. Finally, the moving heads pan and tilt to spotlight key areas or create sweeping effects that enhance the visual experience. With my party light show, every beat and melody is accentuated by a synchronized dance of lights, creating an immersive and unforgettable ambiance for you and your guests. Let's light up your celebration and make it a truly dazzling experience.

Additional Speaker: Boost the sound experience of your event with an additional speaker, designed to provide optimal sound coverage and clarity. Perfect for open-air gatherings or venues that require extended sound projection, this additional speaker ensures that every guest can enjoy the music with exceptional quality, no matter where they are located. Whether it's amplifying the music for a larger crowd or ensuring balanced sound distribution throughout the venue, this extra speaker delivers a powerful and immersive audio experience. With seamless integration into my professional audio setup, you can trust that your event's sound requirements are fully met, creating a memorable and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone in attendance. Let's elevate your outdoor event with enhanced sound coverage and ensure that every moment is filled with music that resonates.

Haze Machine: Transform the ambiance of your event with my haze machine, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. It's important to note the difference between fog and haze – while fog is denser and creates a more dramatic effect, haze is lighter and disperses more evenly throughout the space, enhancing the visibility of lighting effects and creating a subtle, ethereal atmosphere. My haze machine is designed to produce a fine, uniform haze that enhances the visual impact of your lighting setup without overwhelming the space. However, please be aware that some venues may not allow the use of haze due to their policies or smoke alarms. By using haze instead of fog, we can achieve a beautiful, cinematic effect that complements the music and adds depth to your event's ambiance. Whether it's accentuating the beams of light from your party light show or creating a dreamy backdrop for your dance floor, my haze machine adds a touch of magic that elevates your celebration to the next level. Let's create an enchanting atmosphere together and make your event truly unforgettable.

Ultra LED Light Show: Intensify the excitement and energy at your event with the Ultra Light show, featuring 2X the party lights. This upgraded lighting setup takes your celebration to the next level by adding another dynamic lighting fixture to the previously mentioned LED party lights. The enhanced lighting setup includes LED Pars, LED Derbies, LED wash lights, and a laser, creating a mesmerizing display of colors, patterns, and effects that will dazzle your guests and transform your venue into a vibrant and immersive environment. From vibrant washes of color to dazzling laser effects, the Ultra Light show ensures that every beat and melody is accentuated by a synchronized dance of lights, creating an unforgettable visual experience that complements the music perfectly. Let's double the excitement and elevate your celebration with the Ultra Light show, turning your event into a dazzling spectacle that leaves a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

Custom Photo/Video Slideshow: Relive your most cherished moments with my custom photo/video slideshow service, specially designed for weddings & Quinceañeras. I pour my heart into curating your photos and videos to craft a personalized slideshow that narrates your unique story and enhances the ambiance of your special occasion. With meticulous attention to detail and a flair for creativity, I seamlessly blend transitions and effects to breathe life into your memories, taking you and your guests on an emotional and captivating journey. From the romantic moments of a wedding to the vibrant celebrations of a Quinceañera, each slideshow is tailored to suit the theme and tone of your event perfectly. Rest assured, I prioritize your privacy and security by storing all photos and videos in a secure location and deleting them immediately after the slideshow is complete. Moreover, the flexibility of my service allows you to choose how the slideshow is presented at your event. It can be premiered at a specific time, offering a moment of reflection and celebration, or set to loop throughout the event, adding an extra layer of ambiance and nostalgia to the festivities. Let me transform your precious memories into a breathtaking slideshow that adds an enchanting touch to your special celebration. Together, we'll create a visual masterpiece that captures the essence of your unforgettable moments and leaves a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

HD Projector & 100" Screen: Enhance your event with my HD Projector and 100" standalone Projector Screen, perfect for displaying the captivating photo/video slideshow for all to see. This setup ensures that everyone can enjoy the visual journey of your memories in stunning clarity and detail. The HD Projector and large screen provide an immersive experience, making it feel as though your photos and videos come to life right before your eyes. This setup adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement for your guests. Please note that for the best visual experience, the surrounding environment should be somewhat dark or dimly lit to enhance the contrast and clarity of the projected images. This ensures that every detail shines through and captures the attention of everyone in attendance. Let's elevate your event with the HD Projector and 100" standalone Projector Screen, creating a memorable visual experience that complements your celebration perfectly. Together, we'll create a magical atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

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