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"5 DJ Controllers that Offer Pro-level Performance at a Budget-friendly Cost"

Finding a controller that provides professional-level performance at an affordable price when it comes to DJ equipment can be difficult. The good news is that DJs on a budget have a variety of options to choose from. This article will look at five DJ controllers that deliver professional-caliber performance without breaking the bank.

Numark Mixstream Pro

Numark Mixstream Pro: The Mixstream Pro offers DJs & music enthusiasts a new level of connection to their music. With built-in WiFi, high-quality speakers & access to millions of streaming tracks, it's ready for mixing straight out of the box - no laptop needed! The USB & SD Card inputs also make it easy to play songs from your library. Enhance your party, live stream or mix sessions with the onboard Engine Lighting control that wirelessly connects to your smart home lighting for an automatic, high-energy light show. The Mixstream Pro is powered by Engine DJ, which provides an ever-expanding set of pro DJ features, catering to your DJ career needs. Connect, stream & play like never before with the Mixstream Pro.

Price: $499.00

4 payments of $124.75 or 6 payments of $83.72 at Zzounds

(No credit check)

Pioneer DDJ-FLX6

Pioneer DDJ-FLX6: The Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6 controller is perfect for keeping the crowd entertained. With new features such as Merge FX, Jog Cutter & Sample Scratch, it allows DJs to easily mix different genres of music & add professional-sounding scratch effects to their sets. The controller also functions as a Hardware Unlock device for rekordbox & Serato DJ Pro, allowing DJs to choose which software they would like to use for free on their laptop. The DDJ-FLX6 also features full-size jog wheels with track position display, making pitch bending & scratching feel natural. Additionally, it has a new aesthetic design with a high-quality dark-gray matte finish & redesigned jog wheels that will make your setup stand out. With plug-and-play compatibility with rekordbox & Serato DJ Pro, the DDJ-FLX6 is all you need to start DJing.

Price: $649.00

4 payments of $162.25 or 6 payments of $108.17 at Zzounds

(No credit check)

Roland DJ-505

Roland DJ-505: The Roland DJ-505 is a two-channel, four-deck Serato DJ controller that blends the advanced capabilities of Serato DJ with the iconic sounds of Roland's TR-808, TR-909, TR-606, & TR-707 drum machines. The controller allows DJs to move beyond mixing music, & create beats & rhythms on the fly that sync to their Serato DJ tracks, enabling unique transitions, live remixes, beefed-up classic tracks, or original music. It is a powerful & versatile instrument that allows unparalleled flexibility to DJ, remix, & produce, & with its standalone mixer functionality, narrow footprint, & Serato DVS upgrade path, it is an ideal controller to pair with turntables or CD players. The DJ-505 is portable, has a pro-grade build & advanced feature set, making it perfect for mobile applications, club DJing, live performance, & production purposes alike. The built-in audio interface & high-end Roland audio conversion for Master & Booth outputs ensure faithful reproduction of audio sources & clear, powerful sound. The DJ-505 also features a TR drum machine legacy in a DJ controller, allowing DJs to program & create rhythm tracks using the same sound palette as the world's foremost musical icons.

Price: $679.99

4 payments of $170.00 at Zzounds

(No credit check)

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2

Pioneer DDJ-SR2: The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 is a pro-grade, plug-&-play USB controller that offers a cost-effective option for industry-standard Pioneer gear. It has a streamlined design with hardware channel strips for 2 decks instead of 4, but still provides access to Serato DJ's 4 virtual decks. The controller comes with a free download of the powerful Serato DJ software, & offers many of the same features as well as a few new ones. The DDJ-SR2 features 16 touch-sensitive, multi-colored performance pads that can be used to trigger hot cues, rolls, slicer, & sampler functions within Serato DJ. These pads change color to indicate the selected pad mode & playing status, making it easy to apply effects on the fly. Compared to the original DDJ-SR, the SR2 has more features & is 18% lighter. It also has a built-in Needle Search function & an additional booth output. The DDJ-SR2 is a great option for DJs looking for a feature-packed, midrange controller. The free Serato DJ software allows DJs to browse their music library, cue & play songs, add effects, & trigger loops & samples, making it easy to remix favorite tracks. With the DDJ-SR2, DJs can expand their capabilities & take their performance to the next level.

Price: $739.00

4 payments of $184.75 at Zzounds

(No credit check)

Pioneer DDJ-800

Pioneer DDJ-800: The Pioneer DDJ-800 is a compact & lightweight 2-channel DJ controller that is specifically designed for use with the professional performance application, Rekordbox DJ. It features a similar layout to Pioneer's pro-level DDJ-1000 controller, but with a more portable design. The DDJ-800 is the first piece of hardware that is compatible with Rekordbox DJ's Feedback Reducer feature, which automatically reduces microphone feedback. Additionally, it has Color On Jog Display, which provides important performance information in the center of each jog wheel. The DDJ-800 is also 18% smaller & 1.3 kg lighter than the DDJ-1000. It also has a built-in audio mixer feature that allows you to control the volume of external audio input & it comes with Sound Color FX & Beat FX from Pioneer DJ's DJM mixer series. With the DDJ-800, you can take your pro-level performance setup with you wherever you go.

Price: $839.00

4 payments of $209.75 or 6 payments of $139.83 at Zzounds

(No credit check)

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